June, 2020

Join the (virtual) OREGON TRAIL RELAY team

free after registering for Westward Ho!

Because of the restrictions on group events due to COVID-19, this year’s Westward Ho! 5K & Family Fun Run has transitioned to VIRTUAL (after having already postponed the live event from April 4 to June 27). A hundred+ early registrants were looking forward to the unique cross-country-style run on the Oregon Trail and the Wesley Nature Trail. GOOD NEWS: Both early and new registrants can still have that experience! PLUS, we have added the Virtual Oregon Trail Relay to make it even more fun. All in support of Family Promise of Lawrence!

Already registered? We rolled your registration into the virtual 5K event. Just follow the guidelines for the virtual 5K. For More Fun, register your youngsters for the 1K Fun Run and join the Oregon Trail Relay.

THREE OPTIONS for the price of one!

Get outside and have some fun on our trails in a park-like setting of the FUMC West Campus. Why not do all three?
     1.   Virtual 5K: Registration required ($25)
     2.   Family 1K Fun Run: Registration recommended (Free)
     3.   Virtual Oregon Trail Relay: Join our Strava club (Free)

Option 1: Westward Ho! Virtual 5K

  • Register and then Run/Walk a 5K, anywhere, anytime from June 13 to June 28, 2020 (inclusive). Then, submit your 5K times online.
  • Run the 5K course: Runners are encouraged to run the cross-country-style 5K course at FUMC West Campus, 867 US-HWY 40, Lawrence, KS 66049.
  • Awards: To compete for age-group/gender awards, runners will need to run on the designated Westward Ho! 5K course. Run it as many times as you want and replace your prior virtual results with a better time.
  • Course: The Westward Ho! 5K course will be well-marked and ready to run from June 13 through June 28. However, you may run a route of your choosing and submit your results, but not be eligible for place awards.
  • Course rules: Runners are required to run with at least one partner, but in groups no larger than the maximum allowed by County, State and Federal guidelines in place at the time they run. Practice proper social distancing etiquette while running.
  • SWAG: Westward Ho! 5K t-shirt, participation medal, $10 Ad Astra Running gift certificate and more. SWAG will be available in a drive-by pickup around June 15 for early registrants, or mailed to out-of-towners and June registrants. Watch for further notice.
  • Join our virtual Oregon Trail Relay team on Strava, instructions below, to add a fun social media aspect to both your training and your 5K experience.

Option 2: 1K Virtual Family Fun Run

Enjoy a great family outing(s) on the Wesley Nature Trail, an improved surface 1K trail (download) on FUMC West Campus.

  • Registration is FREE and we’ll send you a commemorative Westward Ho! participation medal while the supply lasts!  T-shirts can be purchased during registration for the Fun Run.
  • Be sure to join our virtual Oregon Trail Relay team on Strava, instructions below, and add a fun social media aspect to all of your walking/running family outings.

Option 3: Virtual Oregon Trail Relay

(for the full month of June)

  • Join the relay for FREE by joining our Strava club (details below).
  • Double your fun by applying all of your running/walking distances throughout June to our virtual Oregon Trail Relay.
  • Why an Oregon Trail Relay? Our 5K course has a section of the historic Oregon-California Trail listed on the National Register of Historic Places.
  • Runners’ cumulative miles will be compiled and progress across the 2080-mile Oregon trail will be plotted throughout the month of June. How cool is that! Run a leg of an Oregon Trail Relay on part of the Oregon Trail!

Oregon Trail Relay (virtual) from Independence MO to Oregon City OR

How to Join the Relay

(click for Detailed instruction or a short Instruction Video)

After you have registered for the Westward Ho! Virtual 5K & Fun Run, download the free Strava App and set it up. Then, on Strava, join the Oregon Trail Relay, a private club. We’ll ok your membership after we get notice from Strava. Already use Strava? Simply click on Oregon Trail Relay which takes you directly to our Strava club page where you can join the private club.

Now, get out and run/walk! Your activities will show up on our Oregon Trail Relay Strava club page. Check out the cool things like the leaderboard and club posts. Cheer on your buddies, make new virtual friends, add fun photos and watch as the relay team cumulative miles take us all the way to the end of the Oregon Trail. Check in often on your smartphone, but also your laptop, tablet/ipad, where viewing all the fun stuff is a bit more robust.


The 5K course takes in the historic Oregon-California Trail, Wesley Nature Trail, and mowed pathways with scenic vistas from one of the highest points in Douglas County. 

Family Promise Logo
Westward Ho! benefits Family Promise of Lawrence, helping families who are experiencing homelessness through case management and connections with local supports. Family Promise has expanded services to help families through prevention, crisis, and stabilization. You can give added support to Family Promise by running in their 5K HOME RUN!

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