Lawrence First United Methodist Church has enjoyed a rich past filled with many blessings and challenges. Those challenges have been met with faithful commitment for more than 160 years. We are now faced with some new challenges that will require a renewed sense of commitment.

What are the needs?

    • Debt Reduction – The original cost of our second campus was $7.7 million. Through faithful giving we have reduced that debt to $1.8 million. The goal is to reduce our debt to$1.2 million by June of 2021. Our interest payments will be approximately $180,000 over the next three years.


    • Tower Restoration – The 128 year-old towers of the Downtown building are in urgent need of restoration and stabilization. Stone pieces are literally falling off. Plans are moving forward to repair and replace the damages. The total cost is projected to be $170,000.


    • Audio Visual Upgrades – The audio visual systems for all three of our worship spaces need to be upgraded to provide a higher quality of worship experience. Many of our components are not only outdated but also unusable. New speakers, monitors, projectors, microphones, and LED video capability will resolve our current sound & video issues.The estimated cost of these upgrades is $250,000.


What is the plan?
The plan is to have a three-year capital campaign to respond to these urgent needs. Forever First, and a campaign goal of $1.2 million, will allow us to move forward on each need. Members will be asked to make a three-year pledge, over and above their operating commitment, to help us move into the future with confidence.

What if we exceed our goal?
If Forever First were to bring pledges totaling more than $1.2 million, the additional capital will be applied to the principle of our loan. All capital campaign gifts will be used only for capital expenses and debt reduction.