Adult Education Opportunities

Learning and Growing Together

Sunday School classes and Bible Studies are great times to learn, grow and enjoy fellowship with your church family. For more information about existing classes, how to get one started or to get involved with adult education planning, contact

Downtown Classes

The Story

9:00 am Sundays in Room 306
All literature relates to the study of the Bible.


9:00 am Sundays in Room 203
Discusses Christian beliefs and issues that divide and unite the community.

John Wesley

9:00 am Sundays in Room 301

After Life

10:30 am Sundays in Brady Hall
Following Life Worship, we put away chairs and then discuss spiritual and biblical topics

West Campus Classes

The Seekers

10:10 am Sundays in Great Room
Exploring the intersections of faith and life

Women Out West

9:00 am Sundays
Women of all ages welcome
Zoom Option Available

The Huddle

9:00 am Sundays
Men of all ages welcome